Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

Employee engagement is a hot topic for businesses and employees alike. It has been proven that employees who are engaged are more satisfied with their jobs, are more productive, more help increase profits and more. A 2015 Gallup poll stated that only 32% of the workforce is engaged. That means 68% of people are either not engaged or actively disengaged. That is a staggering statistic!


We need to increase employee engagement in our organizations to reap the many benefits of it, for the employee and organization alike. We must make sure our employees are engaged, that they actually care about their work and what they are doing. We want employees to feel appreciated and challenged with their duties.


One way to do this is by utilizing strength-based leadership. By doing this, you will learn how to play to your strengths and those of your team. This approach will help you and your team members reach their fullest potential and increase engagement.


Would you like to learn more about employee engagement? Ginny Wilson-Peters, President & CEO of Integrity Integrated, is presenting to the Quad City Chamber Small Business Series on May 23 on this topic. To register, click here.


Integrity Integrated is hosting a summer luncheon series on the topics The Art of Being Engaged. Join us for the 3 part series starting May 31! Contact us the Marketing Office at 563-359-1099  to register today.