Quad Cities Chamber: Small Business Series

Ginny Wilson-Peters, President and Owner of Integrity Integrated, will speak to the Small Business Series presented by the Quad City Chamber on May 23. The hour-long presentation will provide tips to improve employee engagement and how to ignite passion into driven results. Ginny Wilson-Peters will provide tools you can use to manage the strengths of your team and help individuals navigate through their weaknesses, as well as how to maximize your own strength. You will discover the benefits your business can reap when your employees are engaged as a result of strengths-based leadership.

This is one session of the 4 part Small Business Series, featuring other topics including: Marketing in the Socialsphere, Managing HR with limited Resources, and Headshot Refresh & Member Mob.


For more information on these sessions, visit: http://quadcitieschamber.com/public/posts/2018/04/16/small-business-series