Integrity Integrated Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Leadership Luncheon

On Monday, May 20, 2019, Integrity Integrated brought together over 150 local leaders for its 20th Anniversary leadership luncheon. The luncheon featured keynote speaker, President of Living Lands and Water, Chad Pregracke. Pregracke shared his leadership story and how Living Lands and Water has evolved over time. Also featured at the luncheon was future leader, Jessica Elliott. Elliott is a Davenport Central High School senior who recently shared a Youth TedX talk, Save the Seas.

“We are so honored to have had many of our close friends and colleagues celebrate this milestone with us.” Ginny Wilson-Peters said, “It is truly my life’s work and passion to bring people together and make them be the best leader they can be.”

Integrity Integrated began 20 years ago when Ginny Wilson-Peters followed her passion for developing others and started her own business, Integrity Integrated. Through her personal and professional mission of nurturing and inspiring others to reach for the stars, she has committed to working with highly motivated people who want to create positive change – personally and within their organizations. Over the last 20 years, Ginny Wilson-Peters of Integrity Integrated has impacted thousands of men and women throughout the world by sharing her expertise through coaching, teaching and consulting. 

To find out more about Integrity Integrated, please visit, or call the Marketing Office 563-359-1099.