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  • We are honored to have been the recipient of several awards including:

    • Small Business of the Year Impact Award, Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce 2015
    • Coolest Places to Work Finalist, Corridor Business Journal 2015
    • Small Business Leader of the year Finalist, Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce 2012
    • Athena Nominee, 2011
    • Better Business Bureau Integrity Award Winner, 2011

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Megan Bys

    “Ginny is a truly inspiring leader. She translates her own leadership journey and experience into each lesson and makes it actionable for everyone in the room.

    In our women’s leadership course, she took the time to get to know each person individually–our goals, career experience and personalities–to ensure we got the most out of our time and investment in the class. Her approach is subtle, conversational and empowering in the sense that she doesn’t spell it out for you.

    The lessons, tools, stories and exercises aren’t a how-to or prescription on successful leadership. Integrity Integrated courses are experiences that provide a safe space for you to discover, dream, discuss and become a better version of yourself.”

     – Megan Bys, Converge Consulting

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Tiffany Butler

    “Ginny challenged me from day one by requiring that I step back and reflect on my strengths, interests and values. She challenged me further by asking me to apply that to my personal and professional life.

    I came out of the training with a new outlook and have started to make changes that are making me happier in my personal and professional life. Thank you, Ginny!!”

     – Tiffany Butler, C.H. Robinson

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Lisa Caraway

    “Ginny Wilson-Peters creates an interesting, interactive environment with content that is on point for women. As she quietly listens and facilitates, the group emerges into a unified and supportive network of women that are committed to understanding themselves and each other.

    This program invokes a renewed passion and commitment for family, work, and the community.”

     – Lisa Caraway, United Fire Group

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Jackie Martens

    “Unlike most leadership courses that lecture on theory without direction or practical application, Ginny provides you with the tools to develop a very personalized leadership development plan and then holds you accountable for following through.

    She provides her students with the perfect combination of information delivery and practical application to make sure they learn, understand, and retain the lessons while having a great time!

    Best of all, this course is so customized to fit each student’s needs that it’s perfect for anyone, at any level of their career, from aspiring leader to CEO.

    This is a must take course for anyone interested in becoming a better leader!”

     – Jackie Martens, RSM US

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Mike Miller

    “I have been on a journey to understand my leadership capabilities and had a realization that there is a tremendous amount of information out there that tells us the best strategies to being an effective leader. This vast amount of information made it difficult to understand what is the best strategy for me.I was given the opportunity to take the Leadership Development class, which is where I met Ginny. Ginny’s program provided me with a manageable framework to learn about my leadership capabilities.

    This course helped me to, not only gain a clearer understanding of my strengths, but also how to see and maximize other people’s strengths.  Ginny uses self-assessment tools, books, videos, real world experience and self-reflection to help one to capture ones self-awareness.

    This new framework gives me a focused base to build on so that I can be the leader I want to be and my organization needs. “

     – Mike Miller, RSM

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Jason DeNoyer

    I have been through many leadership/management courses in my life but this one by far was the most influential. Everything about it was inspiring. This journey has truly shown me what being a real leader is all about.

     – Jason DeNoyer, MetroLink

    Integrity Integrated Ginny Wilson Peters Success Stories Abby Boogards

    “This class was an amazing journey of self-discovery and awareness. As a result of this class, I am more confident in my strengths and have a clearer vision of my goals and dreams.

    Ginny inspired me to find what motivates and encourages me and how I can use my gifts to better serve as a leader in my workplace and community.”

     – Abby Boogards, On with Life

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