Coaching…What is it All About?

Executive coaching is one of the services we offer at Integrity Integrated. We are often asked about coaching and how we can help. Coaching is a way of helping you make the best use of your innate talents and resources. It is a process of equipping you with the tools, knowledge and support you need to develop yourself and become more effective in your leadership role. It is important to remember that coaching isn’t counseling or therapy.
Coaches may not provide answers, but to help you to see familiar issues, people, and events in a new way. They may also help to generate creative solutions to issues and concerns. They may open your eyes to the blind spots you are missing and give you honest feedback, although it may not always be what you want to hear. It is important to develop a trusting relationship with your coach. When you do, you will notice many things fall into place. You may become more productive personally & professionally, utilize your natural talents and abilities, lead change more effectively and more.
All coaching happens in conversations and it is important for you and your coach to be truly present during this time. It is important to have a coach who facilitates learning by workingwith you to unlock your potential; determining what is important to you and helping you to do something about it.
Have you had a coach that has made a major impact on your life? What did they do or challenge you to do?