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Ginny brings a fresh new perspective to her training programs. She has worked in our organization to coach, mentor, train and facilitate a variety of development activities with our people – all with positive results. She has the unique ability to connect with people on various levels and help them identify their strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to enhance themselves both personally and professionally.

Bill Stoermer
Exelon Nuclear

Ginny Wilson-Peters is an outstanding trainer. While serving as the Director of a nonprofit training center, I observed her working with dozens of nonprofit executives from a variety of organizations. All left her training or coaching sessions with valuable knowledge and new skills to apply to their workplace. Also, Ginny is the most intellectually agile trainer I've ever met. In the midst of sessions, she models positive practices of learning, reflection, and engagement. I've seen Ginny receive feedback in a reflective--not defensive--manner and, while staying true to her own integrity and beliefs, acknowledges different points of view in a way that improves her work and the experience.

Bob Untiedt

Ginny’s teaching caused me to challenge my thinking about leadership and organizational process. She helped me re-define what is needed to build a successful team and how to draw out individual strengths to maximize team effectiveness. Ginny combines theory, real-world experience and common sense to provide practical solutions to business challenges. Most importantly, Ginny provides an environment that encourages her students to celebrate their abilities and to use them to grow in their careers.

Barbara VenHorst
President, Junior Achievement of the Heartland

I managed to put off attending the leadership class for many years. I continued to find convenient excuses. I was pretty content where I was and I didn’t want to change or stretch. I knew that was exactly the wrong attitude, but I was committed to it. After I attended the first class, I couldn’t wait to get to the next one. Ginny’s ability to create a safe and comfortable environment is an incredible gift that she brings to the table. As hard as it is to look into yourself and have others do that for you, Ginny’s ability to keep things focused on the positive made the process much easier to go through than I ever thought possible. By focusing on my strengths, I know I am a much better co-worker, boss and business-owner then I was before. Most importantly, I am more effective at serving my customers, which, at the end of the day, is all that matters.

Dan Molyneaux
Vice-President, Molyneaux Risk Solutions

Ginny is one of the best professors I have ever had. She is very inspirational and I learned more about myself as a leader as well as my passion in life than I have in years. I learned life lessons in this class that I will carry with me forever.

UI MBA Student

Ginny uses reading, group discussion, personal assignments, personal coaching and group applications to illustrate involuntary behaviors and the benefit of powerfully built team work. Our group transformed together into a well meshed team through discussions of tough applications and celebrated successes. If you are looking to find your niche in the business world or explore your personal strengths to boost your growth within your chosen career path this development course will be very beneficial.

Kerri Edwards
Genesis Systems Group, LLC

I love how Ginny challenges our thinking and presents in a way that's different from what I've heard from other facilitators.  Her topics not only apply to work, but they also apply to everyday life. Too many times I go to training and don't apply what I've learned.  With Ginny's series, I've used most everything she's presented.

Sue Shanklin
Rockwell Collins

I learned so much about myself, personally and professionally, and how to be a more effective leader with my staff.  I walked away with specific strategies that had a positive impact in my decision making, which allowed for a more productive work environment.

Maureen Peters
Executive Director, All God’s Children

Ginny was able to bring a group together that has worked together for years but didn't know each other as well as we do now.  Her method for accomplishing this worked very well and I highly recommend Ginny to others looking to create a more synergy among their team.

Gerry Freudenberg

The Leadership Academy was truly motivating!  Ginny provided a fresh prospective on effective leadership skills and ways to use those skills to create a positive change in our community.   I was able to take a closer look at myself, concentrate on my strengths, and build my own leadership style.

Melissa Brown
DHCU Community Credit Union

The Women In Leadership sessions provided to me a circle of friends that is a safe place when speaking of life and work experiences. For me, I realized early on that although we share common reservations about life and career paths; we are all unique, beautiful and strong women when we open our hearts. The exercises helped me uncover my hearts purpose and gave me a sense of vision for my future regarding my family and career path. Ginny does excellent work in helping women unlock their potential so we can look towards a brighter future.

Dawn Thumann

The Women’s Group was such an incredible experience.  One I won’t forget.  It came at the right time in my career and personal life.  I could always count on that space for acceptance, guidance, reflection, wisdom,  thought-provoking discussions and challenges.  I always felt rejuvenated walking out of our two hours together with fresh perspective and a big smile from all the laughs we shared.  My attitude and focus were honed with greater clarity of who and how I wanted to be.

Anne McNelis
Director of Clinical Services, Transitions Mental Health Services

I could say that I am a different person because of this experience, but I’m not. Instead, I sometimes feel like a different person because I have a much deeper understanding of myself. I am empowered and challenged by the insights gleaned, knowledge gained, relationships formed, and leadership skills learned. This investment allowed me to discover a vibrant path on which I will live, learn and lead as I am meant to do so.

Ann McGlynn
Director of Communication, St. Paul Lutheran Church

I chose to participate in the Leadership Academy because of the structure of the program and to meet other fellow community leaders. Ginny is an outstanding facilitator with excellent leadership knowledge who can reach the minds of all leadership styles. I recommend the Ginny's Leadership Academy to any leader at any level.

Todd Poe
Family Resources

One of your greatest value propositions is your ability to deliver consistent and thought-provoking training to multiple members of our management team. In doing this, you helped us build a bridge of communication enabling our team to have those meaningful conversations that matter most and produce sustained results.

Dave Green
Blood Systems

"I have been on a journey to understand my leadership capabilities and had a realization that there is a tremendous amount of information out there that tells us the best strategies to being an effective leader.  This vast amount of information made it difficult to understand what is the best strategy for me.  I was given the opportunity to take the Leadership Development class which is where I met Ginny.  Ginny’s program provided me with a manageable framework to learn about my leadership capabilities.  This course helped me to, not only gain a clearer understanding of my strengths, but also how to see and maximize other peoples strengths.  Ginny uses self-assessment tools, books, videos, real world experience and self-reflection to help one to capture ones self-awareness.  This new framework gives me a focused based to build on so that I can be the leader I want to be and my organization needs. "

Unlike most leadership courses that lecture on theory without direction or practical application, Ginny provides you with the tools to develop a very personalized leadership development plan and then holds you accountable for following through. She provides her students with the perfect combination of information delivery and practical application to make sure they learn, understand, and retain the lessons while having a great time! Best of all, this course is so customized to fit each student’s needs that it’s perfect for anyone, at any level of their career, from aspiring leader to CEO. This is a must take course for anyone interested in becoming a better leader!


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